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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Galvanize 2006: "Visibly Absent" artists & draft schedule of events

The core of Galvanize 2006 is the "Visibly Absent" exhibition programme: nine projects by emerging artists shown at non-traditional sites in and around Port of Spain. The nine participating artists are Akuzuru, Tessa Alexander, Sabrina Charran, Gerard Gaskin, Marlon Griffith, Jaime Lee Loy, Parker Nicholas, Nikolai Noel, and Alex Smailes.

CCA will provide logistical support for the nine projects, and the Galvanize advisory board will work with the artists to develop their ideas in the specific contexts of the physical sites where they will be created and shown.

In the coming weeks, more information about the nine artists and their projects will be posted on this weblog.

Key dates (still subject to change):

14 September 2006: Galvanize launch. Venue: CCA7.

15 September 2006: Openings of first three "Visibly Absent" artists' projects. Venues to be announced.

20 September 2006: Symposium 1: The Visual Arts Environment programme, twenty years later. Venue to be announced.

28 September 2006: Openings of next three "Visibly Absent" artists' projects. Venues to be announced.

4 October 2006: Symposium 2: "What is worth talking about?": architecture, design, and urbanism. Venue to be announced.

12 October 2006: Openings of final three "Visibly Absent" artists' projects. Venues to be announced.

25 October 2006: Symposium 3: Galvanize post-mortem. Venue to be announced.

26 October 2006: Formal close of Galvanize 2006. Venue to be announced.

Dates for literary and performance events and video screenings will be announced shortly.


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